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Olivia and Trevor's wedding was truly a dream come true as a photographer. Ever since the first time I had seen the beautiful War Memorial   I knew I had to shoot there one day. When Olivia reached out to me about having me be apart of their day, I knew we were a match made in Heaven. 
These two are the most timeless, romantic, and God- loving couple I've ever met. Their ceremony was truly a movie and such a spiritual experience, you just knew these two were meant for each other. You could feel not only their love for each other, but their family and friends love for them radiating the whole day. 
Their wedding was one that brought my creativity back to life. Not to say that my creativity was gone, but during busy season, it can get hard to be creative after a while, but for their wedding day, I was so inspired. Their love was inspiring. I was honored to capture them, Olivia was truly a princess and Trevor was her knight in shining armor. 
Being able to capture a love as pure as theirs was so inspirational, and magical. It made me fall in love with photography again (if that was ever possible). Olivia and Trevor's wedding will have a special place in my heart forever. 

Photography: Taylor Marie Photography 

Venue: The War Memorial

Cake: Christine's cakes and pastries

Dress: Nancys Bridal 

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