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As a photographer, every couple brings a unique energy to the lens, but there was something truly special about Holly and Will. Holly and Will have so many connections to beautiful Holland MI. When they told me they wanted to take their engagement session here, I was so excited! 
Will proposed to Holly in the gazebo in the park downtown, and they wanted to go back and capture their love there! Holland fits them so well! Such a timeless and fun city for a timeless and fun couple! 
Capturing their love was a true honor, and I am so excited for their wedding this year, and getting to know them exacerbates my excitement.
We started with downtown Holland then went to Lake Michigan to take some beautiful beach pictures! It was a beautiful warm and sunny day (and windy but it was perfect) With each click of my camera, I sought to capture the raw, unfiltered moments that made their love story so beautiful.
And as I watched them walk hand in hand on the shore, I couldn't help but feel hopeful for their future together, and so excited to capture their wedding day. Because if there's one thing I've learned as a photographer, it's that love has a way of transcending time and space, illuminating even the darkest of days with its warmth and light. 
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